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27-Sep-2017 00:16

This means that it will be several years before the Wolfcom Vision becomes outdated.Vibration and Visual Confirmations Alerts The unit has vibration confirmation when activating and de-activating recording.The unit can store over 180 hours of audio recordings.The Wolfcom Vision police body worn video camera can also be used as a police car dash camera. No need for a windshield mount that will only get in the way.Developed by Wolfcom Enterprises, this Patent Pending technology protects the user from loss of audio and video recording should the external camera or POV (Point of View) camera become detached from the main recording unit.that will protect an officer in that critical moment when his head or collar mounted camera is yanked off during a struggle with a suspect.In this setup the officer wears the Vision™ body camera on his chest and clips the Eye Vision camera onto his glasses.

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As soon as the main recording unit senses that the external POV camera has been disconnected, it will vibrate to alert the user that the external POV camera has been disconnected and will then activate its built-in camera and microphone to resume audio and video recording.He no longer needs to hold a flashlight in his hands.

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